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Important Facts about Showjumping Insurance


While it’s quite obvious that you should consider securing insurance for horseracing, you should also consider showjumping insurance is that’s the function of your horse. A horse can be a major investment, but it’s critical that you protect that investment. Deciding not to take out an insurance policy could cause you a ton of headaches, and cost you a small fortune. Here are some important facts related to securing a policy for showjumping horses:

1. Consider using the Internet to search
The Internet has made our everyday lives much easier, and that includes searching for insurance policies such as for showjumping horses. For example, you can find aggregate sites that make it easier to compare and contrast the different insurance companies and policies available. You can also find out information such as policies that different insurers provide, such as their costs, terms, and conditions. Ultimately the process will be easier.


2. Avoid not having a policy
While it’s important to find the right policy for showjumping horses, it all starts with the decision to take out a policy. Even if you take tons of precautions to ensure the best chance of your horse being safe during an equestrian event, remember the rule that “stuff” happens in life. To give you peace of mind, it’s critical that you take out a policy to prepare for the unfortunate event in which your horse may be injured. Hopefully you would never have to file a claim, but if you do you’d have that option.

3. Choose the right class of use
When taking out a horse insurance policy it’s important to choose the right class of use if your horse is going to be used for showjumping. If you don’t choose the right class then your horse simply won’t be covered in the case that its needs medical attention. You should also consider whether the use of your horse would change in the future. If that’s the case, then you should choose a class of use that would account for the change.


4. Learn if the rider will be covered
This is highly advisable before you take out a policy. The time to find out whether the rider would be covered after an accident is before taking out the policy. If the rider is covered, then what does the policy cover? Dental, medical, and disability benefits are the major issues that you should learn about. As a general rule it’s advisable to choose a policy that covers riders, as it will help to reduce logistical problems that could occur after an accident.

5. Read the fine print

As with any other type of insurance, it’s important to read the fine print before you sign on the dotted line. What does the policy cover and not cover? What are the terms and conditions? What are the responsibilities of the insurer and the insured? These are all important issues to know before you take out a particular insurance policy for showjumping horses. This will help you to choose the right policy.

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